About Us

How it all began…

In November 2016 local people from Dorchester came together to discuss the possibility of Dorchester forming its own Community Land Trust. Dorchester Town Council hosted this meeting and Wessex Community Land Trust Project was on hand to talk us all through the process of forming a Community Land Trust (CLT).

Dorchester is a fantastic place to live. Set in beautiful countryside, brimming with local history and community spirit. House prices have however been forcing young workers to live elsewhere and commute into Dorchester. Those that attended this meeting recognised this problem and were committed to providing a solution.

A steering group formed which lead to the Dorchester Area Community Land Trust becoming a registered Community Benefit Society. In order to direct the progress of the project the CLT needed a management board. Members of the steering group volunteered to oversee the progress of the project. The CLT wants as much involvement from the local community as possible so has encouraged the community to become members.

What is a Community Land Trust?

  • A CLT aims to benefit a specific community and is a not-for-profit organisation.
  • It is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Community Benefit Society.
  • A CLT can own land and other assets that are important to the community therefore local people remain in control of these assets.
  • Affordable housing is commonly the first project a CLT takes on.
  • Anyone who supports the aims of the CLT can join as a member by buying a £1 share.
  • A board will oversee and make vital decisions with regards to the project. The board currently consists of volunteers from the steering group.

Privacy Notice

Dorchester Area CLT holds data about its members and other individuals for a variety of business purposes in pursuance of its objects. Its Data Protection Policy respects the obligations imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for more information please view our Data Protection Policy.

Please direct any data enquiries to our Data Protection Officer at dpo@daclt.org.uk.